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Dolly C. Ramos

Dolly C. Ramos

Creating Successful, Stressfree Home Buying & Home Selling Experiences!

Dolly C. Ramos

In this ever-evolving real estate market, the foundation of my success is built and dependent on three main components: Integrity, Enthusiasm and Commitment.
Integrity is the cornerstone of my business…
Enthusiasm is how I keep it fun…
Commitment is what keeps my clients coming back…


These three elements have contributed to the prosperity and abundance I have enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) throughout my over thirty year career in the real estate industry. In addition to always providing world class service to my clients, my intent is to maintain a sense of humor and good nature especially when working with colleagues to orchestrate smooth and successful transactions. I believe that having a positive attitude defines a winning attitude. In my business and also in my personal life, I choose to focus on and freely acknowledge in others what works to everyone’s benefit and how all can gain from each and every situation.


As a Feng Shui Consultant, I believe that a harmonious environment allows people to realize their full potential; whether in the sale and/or purchase of a home as well as in their own life’s journey. It has been my privilege and honor to use my special talent in the Art of Placement to assist clients and colleagues alike. It is an aspect of my life that brings great joy and satisfaction for me and for those with whom I share it.